Rest in Peace, Jerry Nelson

Lew’s throwing fishes at the angels now.

Legendary Muppeteer Jerry Nelson passed away at the age of 78.

Jerry worked with Jim Henson on a variety of projects and voiced famous Muppets such as Robin the frog, Lew Zealand, Camilla the Chicken, and Floyd Pepper. But Nelson is most famous for his muppet work on Sesame Street.

Pepper’s Sargent

Jerry joined the Sesame Street Family in Sesame’s 2nd season, and was still working on “the street” until his death. Not only was he the original Mr. Snuffleupagus, Jerry was also the voice of Count von Count.

Friends till the end.

I love the Count. He’s my favorite all-time, hands down. You can keep your lovable Big Bird and super cute Elmo, for me…it was always about the Count and his goth-cloth.


True Story: By complete coincidence the very first Sesame Street character Angry Baby ever witnessed was the Count. As you can imagine, it was love at first sight. Her eyes widened and she let out a squeal of excitement. Like mother, like daughter.

I’n honor of the late Jerry Nelson, I’ve decided to embed my personal favorite Count moments.

One ah ah ah

Two ah ah ah

Three ah ah ah

(watching the Count bust Kermit’s flow makes me chuckle to this very day!)

Rest In Peace, Jerry Nelson. Thanks for all the learning, love and laughs.

Here’s a great post Jerry wrote about his time on Sesame Street


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