Warm Your Heart (Even If You Don’t Have One)

Normally, my shriveled tiny black organ of a heart is as cold as an Alaskan Outhouse. But not today. This morning, I’m crying like a newborn after reading a story out of Roanoke, Virginia.

Meet College Student Jordan Addison:

Haters, take a back seat!

Jordan attends Radford University.

Unfortunately, some campus bullies took the “Rad” out of Radford by repeatedly keying his car. Jordan was targeted because he also happens to be fancy.

The goons vandalized Jordan’s car by keying homophobic slurs and even going so far as to gouge the word, “Die,” into his car door. When Jordan took his car into a local body shop for a repair estimate, he was told it would be at least $2,500.

Everyone with a brain cell out there knows: $2,500 is an obscene amount of money for a student. Asking a college kid to come up with that kinda scratch is like asking a moon beam to ace an Organic Chemistry final. Dang near impossible.

Here’s where the story takes a tissue-dampening detour.

Richard Henegar Jr, manager of Roanoke’s Quality Auto Paint and Body heard about Jordan’s situation and decided to do something about it. Upon seeing the vandalized car for himself Henegar told Addison: “That’s uncalled for.
We’re gonna fix your car. That’s the least we can do.'”

The fine folks at Quality Auto Paint and Body got to work repairing Jordan’s car for free. But that’s not all. Richard Henegar lobbied local businesses to help with the cause and had thousands of dollars in upgrades donated.

All told, Henegar’s crew donated over 100 hours in labor and completely overhauled Addison’s ride. Over $10,000 was put into the car, and the best part? Jordan paid nothing for his old and IMPROVED ride!.

Here’s the video of the story, complete with footage of the car reveal! Watch it while you’re cutting onions or standing in the rain.

Shine on, you crazy diamond!

PS: I’m glad the car has a new security system, but if I were those fools at Radford University Police Department, I’d assign an officer to protect Jordan’s sweet, sweet, ride.

Interesting Fact: Richard Henegar Jr. is a Naval Veteran, I went to look for a photo and found this pic of him when he was in the Navy.

All-Around Hero.

But that’s not all! Richard’s been doing this for YEARS! Back in 2010 he surprised a soldier back home with a fully upgraded truck, complete with his platoon’s call-sign and American flag stitched into the upholstery!

This Body Shop needs its own show. I’ll pitch it to the networks as a “feel-good” reboot of the defunct MTV series, “Pimp my Ride” minus the in-car water fountains, coffee makers, and chandeliers. Something tells me Xzibit is still available to host.

Everyone out there in internet land, if you find yourself in the Roanoke Virginia area, stop on by Quality Auto Paint and Body and find a way to support the folks who by restoring a bullied student’s car for free, restored my faith in humanity.

Truth be told, I’m about to drop a few G-bars on a new transmission for my Mom Mobile aka White Lightning. Part of me wants to drive all the way to Roanoke just to give these people my business!

Of course, all the other parts of me realize I’m far too lazy to follow through, and will just go to my regular Mechanic, because he’s a solid gold nice guy too.



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