If You Laugh at Only One Chubby Kid Today…

Be your own rainbow.

It’s a good thing I never had a Bat Mitzvah. Because if I had, there would be an embarrassing video of me dancing/singing to whatever awful 1990’s trash I was into at the time.

Luckily in 1992, Shaun Sperling had the Bar Mitzvah to end all others, complete with a custom Madonna airbrushed dress shirt and elaborate dance re-enactment of her classic video, “Vogue.”

To watch this dancing Angel is a gift, start your day off on the right note: cringing and laughing at other’s awkwardness!

What a Mensch! Passion, the love of dance, a natural gift for performance, young Shaun really had it all.

Fun Fact: Shaun is all growed up and not only is he fancy, he’s also a successful lawyer and gay rights crusader!

Beauty’s where you find it.



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