Caption This Contest: Shark Week Edition

This Sunday, the Discovery Channel’s annual festival of fins, SHARK WEEK 2012 BEGINS! As a life-long shark enthusiast, Shark Week is like my birthday all-week. This is the 25th Annual Shark Week, and as I have every year for the past 25, I’ll be crossing my fingers for some good MEGALODON-related programming. In honor of the upcoming event I chose this particular photo.

Contest Ends at 11:59pm Sunday. Winner gets to name a post topic, any post topic, that I will then spin into golden chuckles. Enter as often as you like.



Caption This Contest: Shark Week Edition — 10 Comments

  1. The real reason the Americans win so many medals? Motivation.


    10 to 1 Michael Phelps is standing poolside with his fingers crossed chanting go team shark.

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