Hillary Clinton Dances Just Like You’d Imagine


Some mornings, the internets are brimming with pure gold, this is one of those days. Last night, while all of you were sleeping and or drunk, the fates dealt us a solid.

Hillary Clinton, modern-day feminist icon and most powerful woman in the United States is currently on a tour of Malawi, it’s the 106th Country she’s visited during her tenure as Secretary of State. While in Malawi she’s learned about Malawian culture, cheese making, goat farming and how to drop it like it’s hot.

Because I refuse to keep you from pure unadulterated joy one moment longer, here’s footage of Hillary getting down at a Malawian Party in her honor.

1. Hillary dances just like I did at my 7th grade “Just Say No To Drugs” Dance. Look at her work that side to side step!

2. The look of sheer horror on Clinton’s face at the 37 sec. mark is precious. True Story: I made that same face the other day, when I discovered Angry Baby dropped a load in her swim diaper. My patio will never forgive me.

3. Homegirl got down towards the end and really put her back into it. Real Talk: Clinton and her dance partner were 2 Margaritas short of being an Olivia Cruise floor show.

4. Who dances to “Light Jazz?” Nobody, that’s who. Well, except for Claire Huxtable and actresses in menopause commercials.

This dancing pantsuited goddess proves once again, you can’t spell hilarity without Hillary!



Speaking of hilarity, anybody catch yesterday’s awesome Olympic Dive Fail? No? Here’s the floptastic gif!


(Thanks, KD!)

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