Here’s Some FINE ART to Class Up This Dump!

Jerri Blank = BOW DOWN!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme day, my beautiful and precious reader. Today is the weekly holiday at grouchymuffin where we devote time to LIVING IN THE EXTREME! And this fine day I have some EXTREME CULTURE AND CLASS lined up for y’all.

Artist Bruce White has an exhibit going on at one of my favorite galleries, Los Angeles’ Melrose location of Gallery 1988. The show is called: “Velvet Paintings for your inner nerd.”

As a velvet painting owner and art enthusiast, I wept when I saw these masterpieces.

After fully drinking in the beauty, I’m now convinced that Picasso, Renoir, Klimt and Dali  are no better than apes throwing feces at a blank canvas. I’m serious, if you want to see art that makes Claude Monet look a degenerate alcoholic, look no further. Bruce White’s work is a true revelation.

The eye goes to Goldblum.

George Takei is a living legend.

I break you.

Sons of San Diego

Dusty Bottoms FOREVER!

Steve Wiebe > Billy Mitchell

See what I mean? Homeslice is super talented!

You can check out more Bruce’s incredible velvet at his site. Warning! You will want every last painting.



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