Fred Willard Arrested For “Pulling A Pee Wee”

When you’ve got it, flaunt it.

As a massive Christopher Guest Fan, and a lover of fine character actors, Fred Willard is a household name to me. Though I imagine some of you reading this post have no clue who he is, I can assure you, you’ve seen and laughed at this talented actor.

In a scene that had all the awkward hilarity of a Christopher Guest mockumentary, Fred Willard was arrested in Los Angeles last night for publicly exposing himself in an adult movie theatre. Pepaw’s Peen was out and described as “in hand.”

The 72-year-old comedic genius was arrested, booked on charges of lewd conduct and quickly released (Tee Hee.)

While I’m sure the internet is generating hack-jokes about this beloved septuagenarian, I am choosing to embrace this embarrassing encounter and salute Fred for being able to still salute at the age of 72.

You won’t find me delivering hastily crafted, terrible puns based on the movie titles he’s been in. Nope, I’m above saying things like: “Next up, Fred will be filming WAITING FOR RUBMAN or BEST IN SHOW (ME YOUR CROTCH!)” Nope, I’m taking the classy, high road.

Fred, you’ve given the world years of entertainment and laughs, in honor of you whipping out your tip, I’ve decided to WHIP OUT some of your Clips!

Enjoy my video clip tribute to Fred “Still got it” Willard.

Fred, I’m not mad, I’m impressed!

In honor of his dishonor, I’ve chosen 3 of the best scenes from his Christopher Guest Movie appearances…

First up, Best in Show.

Here’s a clip of his dumb as a box of rocks broadcaster, who in my opinion makes the film.

Here’s a great scene from  A Mighty Wind

Hey Fred: “WHA HAPPENED!?”

And finally, Waiting for Guffman

This is my all-time Favorite Fred Willard scene. Matter of fact, Lover fo’ Life and I perfectly recite this scene line by line on a shockingly frequent basis. Funny how his first line in the clip is: “DING-DONG!”

Fred Willard, you are a national treasure. Don’t let those haters in the LAPD Vice Squad get you down. You’re a spry and sexually viable man who is an inspiration to filthy skanks everywhere.

Bow Down.

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