Time To Retire the Mankini Gag

Don’t hate him cuz he’s beautiful.

Making the virulent rounds on the interwebs is a portrait of British class and distinction. Behold, the English Rose in bloom!

What you are looking at is a young rapscallion attending his prom.

I’m not sure how old he is, but seeing as the size of his swimsuit is “grape,” I’m going to assume he’s too young for me to crack terrible jokes about him.


So, I’ll just say this…

1. The Neon Orange spray-painted on wiener was a nice touch. Nothing like a subtle nod to the dong to set off a piece of fine evening wear.

2. I’m dying for those socks. And the Tinkerbell scooter for that matter.

3. The true star is the exquisite and virginal  beauty on his arm for the evening. Doesn’t it look like homegirl deserves a more satisfying post-prom beefcake? I mean sure, this young lad clearly has the personality part covered. But I just don’t think he’s man enough for such a delicate piece of fine china.

The Mankini. Started by Sacha Baron Cohen AKA Borat all those years ago, hopefully ended as of this post. 

Never Again.


Time To Retire the Mankini Gag — 1 Comment

  1. I felt like a kid watching a scary movie through my fingers seeing this!! “Look. No, don’t look! Look! No! LOOK AWAY!” Man, the British really know how to party and starting young too! Apparently their sense of humor in these situations is much better than that of the states. Try this in school here and you’d likely be left with criminal charges, expulsion, perhaps even a public frogging?? I mean flogging! (I know, but I just couldn’t pass it up) All I can say is this travesty of a prom getup is the perfect candidate for a “Caption This” contest!

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