Slide In To An Awesome Week (Hey, At Least You Aren’t THESE People!)

Is it just me, or did the weekend fly by too flurking quickly this past go-round? While it was a wonderful and action-packed weekend for yours truly, it’s now Monday. The joy and freedom felt mere hours prior has given way to the soul-mudering battering ram that is the week ahead. Le Sigh.

I’ve decided to reject a foul Monday mood and LAUGH my way to a wonderful week! Seeing as I just live to give, I’m passing the haha’s on to YOU! No need to profusely thank me, I’m what they call “a giver.”

Instant laughs and or Injury, just add water.

Inflatable water slides.

While fun and super-rad looking, let’s face it: Inflatable water slides are terrible ideas.

The height, dubious construction, slippery, screaming children, it’s all a recipe for disaster. Of course, those very ingredients also make a wonderful laff casserole, ENJOY!

First up, we have a large gentleman enjoying a rollicking good time at his local community-wide 4th of July celebration.

Ratcheting it up a notch, we’ve got this ample-bottomed woman, showing the world that there’s pretty much nothing funnier than using children as bowling pins, stick with the whole clip, the payoff is asstounding (typo and it stays.)

And finally, because I find this to be a hilarious metaphor for Mondays and the subsequent work week that follows, please enjoy my favorite inflatable water slide failure video, ever.

Let’s KILL IT this week, Kiddies!

Your Pal,

The Crib Keeper

Smelly old jerks at your job won’t let you watch YouTube at work? Just check them up on your phone later while you’re “using the bathroom.”


Slide In To An Awesome Week (Hey, At Least You Aren’t THESE People!) — 2 Comments

  1. “Ample-bottomed women.” Luckily, Freddie Mercury went with another song title.

    You failed to mention, also, that those things (along with the bounce house) are cesspools for disease. We have to delouse The Kid anytime she returns from one or the other.

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