Deep-Fried Samoa Girl Scout Cookies = Greatest Post Title Ever

Culinary Genius pictured with her creation.

The Texas State fair is world-known for debuting fried delicacies, matter of fact, it gave birth to the Corndog in 1938. (You’re welcome, Cardiologists.)

This year, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas teamed up with Veteran Texas State Fair Fryer Christi Erpillo, to give the world the most incredible piece of perfection one’s digestive tract will ever see. Deep-Fried Girl Scout Samoa Cookies!

The frying process involves wrapping a Samoa in wonton wrappers deep-frying it and then drizzling with caramel, chocolate and toasted coconut.

For the love of all that is good in humanity, GET IN MAH MAWF!!!!!!!!!!

This culinary epiphany came to the organization as a way to celebrate the Girl Scouts 100 year Anniversary. They aren’t available until the Fair opens on September 28th, 2012, but Fry Queen Christi anticipates frying and selling over 100,000 Samoas.

Uh…hate to break it to homegurl, but 100,000 deep-fried Samoas isn’t even going to scratch the surface. I’m fairly certain I’ll be responsible for at least 35,000 of those. Girlfriend needs to be training up, because she will have to crank out millions.

Girl Scouts: Get those nimble little children’s hands baking MORE Samoas NOW! Can’t have the booth running out this fall.

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