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I have thick, naturally curly hair that for a large portion of my life has been both a blessing, and a tangled, frizzy, curse.

You can be sure of one thing, if a product has the words “for curly hair,” I’ve purchased it. Potions, lotions, serums, sprays, Yours truly has tried more than my fair share. The price for my quest of Frizz dominance? Tons of moolah. I can’t even begin to total what I’ve spent on hair care products, it would just enrage me.

Of course, that’s all in the past. You see, I’ve found the cure for bad hair. I’m not being sarcastic, people.

Coo Coo For Coconut Oil: The Crib Keeper’s Hairy Deal

A little over a year ago, I was at my wit’s end with my hair.

Always curly, and devastatingly beautiful, I enjoyed a lush and loving life with my mane, that is…until I got knocked up with Angry Baby.

The moment my little torturer was conceived, she started sucking all of the good hair proteins for herself. It’s just the way biology works. My hair was dry and fried for the entire pregnancy, I tried to fight the bads with every conditioner on the planet, to no avail. My dried-out, lifeless locks continued even AFTER Angry Baby was sprung from my womb jail. Thanks a lot, hormones.

Helpless and out of ideas, I decided to go where everyone goes when they need answers, the internet. Not long after, I came across this 2003 article that was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Because I know my drunk sluts readers out there, I’ll break the details of the study findings for you…

Out of all the oils you can put in your hair, only one actually restores lost hair protein, and that was COCONUT OIL. Not only does it restore lost hair proteins, coconut oil is also anti-bacterial, so it puts the kibosh on scalp issues like dandruff. Yes, using any oil or conditioner on dry hair will leave you with a temporary fix, but only coconut oil repairs damaged hair from within.

But you don’t have to take my word, or science’s for that matter, let’s look at a culture known for beautiful, long, silky hair, the women of India.

Indian women have used coconut oil since the beginning of time, and possess the luxurious locks to show for it. Many swear by “oiling their hair,”  at least once a week. Coconut oil isn’t a secret potion in India, it’s a well-known key to good hair maintenance.


Which brings me back to America, more specifically, my dried out, fried out frizz mop. After I researched how to use coconut oil for hair and procured the right kind, I followed the instructions via the internets and achieved instant results.

I now use coconut oil as my sole hair product (except for shampoo!) Conditioner? Coconut oil. My frizz fighting friend? Coconut oil. Where I used to use oodles of mousse, gels, sprays and the like, I now use a small amount of the miracle salve on my strands. Coconut oil is truly all I need to tame/maintain my once wild and coarse hair.

One small jar of coconut oil lasted me the year. FYI: The year prior to finding coconut oil, I spent at least a couple hundred smackers on hair junk. Last year, my entire hair product bill was less than 8 bucks. Total. For the YEAR.

So, now that I’ve talked it up and promised your hair the world, I’ll cut to the chase and break it down for you in some easy to follow tips. Real Talk: Follow my advice and watch your hair become incredible. Bald? Don’t fret! Coconut oil is amazing for skin as well!

1. Purchase COLD-PRESSED VIRGIN Coconut Oil.

You can find it in the health food section of most mega-marts and at your local GNC. Me? I buy it from Whole Foods. Yeah, I want to punch myself in the organic plums for shopping at “Whole Paycheck” too, but sometimes a quick trip is warranted (Whole Foods also sells a pretty good 2.99 bottle of wine!)


Here’s the exact brand that I purchased, you do NOT have to follow suit, just make sure it is cold-pressed and virgin coconut oil. The reason is simple, when coconut oil is refined, they often cook it at a high temperature that kills a ton of the proteins, fatty acids and wonderstuff found in coconut oil. By purchasing cold-pressed virgin, it ensures the oil is 100% intact with all the goodness nature intended for your hair.

2. Coconut Oil turns to a solid at 76 degrees and instantly melts at body temperature.

When you purchase the oil, there’s a good chance it will be solidified, that’s a good thing. Simply remove the oil from the jar, small amounts at a time, rub the goop in your hands until it’s liquid and distribute through your hair.

3. For severely dried or coarse hair, do a leave in coconut oil treatment.

Wash and dry hair. Apply coconut oil to COMPLETELY DRY hair. Yes, it will take a little while to saturate the strands with oil, but patiently massage the oil and brush it through to make sure you get it all over. Once the hair is covered in oil, put a shower cap on and leave in for 14 hours.

YES, I know I just told you to walk around with greasy hair in a shower cap for OVER half a day, but thems the rules. Good news? Because coconut oil repairs and replaces your hair’s lost protein, you will only have to do the 14 hour leave in once in a while. Note: you will want to do this in an old t-shirt and put a towel over your pillow because it will be messy.

In the morning, or after 14-hours of power, jump in the shower and wash the coconut oil out, shampoo as regular (no need for conditioner!) CAUTION: It is going to be SLIPPERY in your shower. BE CAREFUL!

Let hair air dry and voila! You just gave your hair enough time to soak in long-lost proteins and have increased its strength, shine, and ability to repel moisture!

I like to do the 14-hour Overnight dry-hair/ shower cap ritual at least once a month, because I swim every day and need to combat constant saltwater exposure. If you work out to a sweat often, or slay your curls with a flat-iron, I suggest you folks repeat the 14-hour treatment on a weekly or monthly basis as well.

4. Use coconut oil instead of commercial conditioners.

Apply in shower just as you would a normal conditioner, rinse thoroughly and go about your day.

5. Use coconut oil as a post-shower product.

For me, my best hair comes when I shampoo, skip conditioning and towel dry my hair before I warm a pea-sized amount of coconut oil in my palms. I then lightly scrunch and distribute through the hair letting it air dry to perfection. In the event my hair is left with some fly-aways? A tiny amount of coconut oil will fix that.

6. Experiment.

Look, everyone has different situations and all bodies are different. The first time you use coconut oil for your hair for EACH application I just suggested, you’re most likely to over-do it. Be patient and remember LESS is best. I don’t want you over-oiling your hair right before you go into a presentation or important business meeting, and then cursing me for making you look like a low rent Las Vegas card shark. Best to try it at night and or over the weekend. At the very least, try the methods out when you’ll have time to wash out any over-application. Once you find your “magic amount” you’ll have flawless hair and never look back.

Bow down!

And there you have it. Coconut oil for all that ails your hair and scalp. As long as you’re not allergic to coconuts, your mane is in for a treat. Will you notice results almost instantly like I did? Probably. 

Will strangers frequently stop you on the street to tell you how beautiful you are and how glorious your locks look? Most likely.

For my Lannas


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  1. Thanks a ton. Wonderful product for hair. Appreciate your time & efforts. Keep posting more hair care posts. Let us know good shampoo for hair too.

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