From Toy to Reality: Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare


Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy made history June 30th. Matter of fact, they set a world record. I encourage every child who ever played with Hot Wheels track sets to watch this jaw-dropping wonder of science, skill, and insanity.

Kudos to you two for pulling off this incredible stunt. And kudos to me for still using the term, “kudos.”

Next Up: Tanner and Greg need to recruit a coupla radical pals (as everyone knows cool people travel in packs,) and attempt the infamous Hot Wheels 4-way Criss Cross Crash Zone course!

People, let’s do this!

I don’t know about you, but after watching the footage over and over again, I’m convinced that anything on this planet is possible. So let’s kick Monday in the crotch and have a good one, how hard could it be? Afterall, this is now possible!

Double Barreled Awesome


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