Los Angeles Art Gallery About to Kick the Louvre in its Grapes

June 29th an exhibit opens at Gallery 1988  that is so incredible, it makes a sunset look like dog turds.

The title of the Art Exhibition is: “There’s Always Money In the Banana Stand,” Gallery 1988’s  Tribute to Arrested Development

Today the gallery released these teaser photos of pieces that will be available for sale in their Melrose location starting June 29th.

Arrested Development lovers, start your coveting!

Should’ve never sold those animation rights.

 Danielle Buerli


Michelle Coffee


Rich Pellegrino

Best Sight Gag of the Series.

Priscilla Wilson


Scott Derby

While I will not be in Los Angeles this weekend, my heart will. I guess it’s for the best, I’m pretty sure I would have bankrupted the family purchasing a Buster Bluth “Party Off Da Hook” Juicebox or something equally obscure and hilarious. While I sob tears of sorrow for not being able to attend the exhibit’s opening night, my wallet is shedding tears of joy.



Los Angeles Art Gallery About to Kick the Louvre in its Grapes — 4 Comments

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