Righting A Serious Wrong

Karen Huff Klein is a 69-year-old widow who works as a bus monitor in a New York suburb called, Greece, for a yearly salary of $15,000. Karen can’t afford to retire, as a widowed senior citizen she relies on her paycheck.

Yesterday the interwebs went wild with a video that captured Karen’s daily struggle. The 10 minute horror show is like staring into the abyss of humanity. Why? Because a group of middle students bully, harass and insult the poor woman to tears. The little jerks called her: fat, stupid, poor, ugly and all the other typical cruel things adolescents say when they want to destroy someone’s confidence.

Here are just a few of the missives fired at Karen

  • “What size bra are you? Triple sag?”
  • “She’s gonna pick out which kid she’s gonna rape next.”
  • “She probably eats deodorant because she can’t afford real food.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, I warn you…there’s rough language and will shatter your heart into a million pieces.

Karen took the abuse and finally broke down crying. The children thought this was hilarious and decided to share the video with friends on Facebook.

And here’s where the internet comes in to save the day. The clip made the rounds and a concerned individual decided to start an online fundraising campaign for Ms. Karen, the well-meaning goal was to send her on a dream vacation to get away from cruel day-to-day routine. The original goal was $5,000.00 and as of right now, it’s over $150k. Not only will Karen get a vacation, there’s a serious chance she will be able to retire.

Often the world is cynical and black-hearted, the jerks on the bus proved that. But the fact that the internets are coming not only to her rescue, essentially changing her life for the better? It warms my tiny shriveled heart.

For those of you who watched the entire video (I couldn’t last for the whole thing.) Click on this palate cleanser.

UPDATE: It’s over 175K now! NPR’s  the two-way blog has jumped on the bus! If there’s one thing NPR is great at, it’s sharing heartbreaking stories with educated adults who love to give! There’s only ONE WAY the fundraising total for Karen is going now, and that’s UP!

Karen has since been interviewed, and while she doesn’t think all kids are bad, she does want an appology from the taunters. Specifically for the comment that hurt her the most “you’re so ugly your kid should kill themselves.” The cruel kid probably had no idea but…Her son took his life 10 years ago.

Oh my goodness, this woman deserves all the good vibes being thrown her way!



Righting A Serious Wrong — 6 Comments

  1. A bazillion likes for this story. I can’t think of anything sarcastic to write; I have nothing but a warm and fuzzy heart.

  2. What an awesome ending for her…I think she should go ahead and quit (while yelling out “I QUIT BITCH!”) and start smackin’ on some kids…Take the charges Karen! It is worth it!!

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