Wham! is Reuniting, Yes THAT Wham

Sure is.

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of nut-hugging short-shorts and “Choose Life” T-Shirts hi-fiving each other: THEY’VE GOT A JOB AGAIN, Y’ALL!

The greatest jazz-handing pop duo, WHAM! is reuniting! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

F*ck Yeah!

Star of my childhood dreams, George Michael, and living trivia question answer: Andrew Ridgely have reunited to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of WHAM! forming and MAKING IT BIG!

Musical icon and swarthy fancy lad, George Michael is said to want to reunite for a “one-off pop extravaganza.” I can’t wait. So many questions, so little time…

  • Will there be clapping and jumping?  (Both integral parts of the former WHAM! package.)
  • Speaking of Wham’s package: Are they gonna wear the cheek-peeking white shorts and Day-Glo shirts?

  • Andrew Ridgely: will he finally dominate the showboating George Michael, and take over his rightful spotlight?  Speaking of, here’s what that hot piece looks like today…You’d hit it- Don’t lie!

Work it sexy pepaw!

Free Great Idea: How about a cameo from sexy Sergio?AKA the Sax man who has carried on Wham’s legacy by constantly playing the saxophone solo from “Careless Whisper.”

“Careless Whisper,” is the greatest of all the WHAM! singles, speaking of, let’s stop and drink in the timeless music video. It’s like a living Monet.

After all these years, I still shed a glitter tear. The acting, the music…and her hair.

All of you kiddies out there too young to remember or experience Wham!: Please watch the following as an educational video, it pretty much sums up the band, and the 1980’s for that matter.

And just because it’s my ALL-TIME Fave Holiday Pop Song (Sorry Lover Fo’ Life!)

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  1. I went to see GM a few years ago. My heart melted! Just LOVED him and boy could he shake it, still after all these years!

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