Pam Causes Slippery Situation For Florida Man

As a grade “A” gutterskank and drunk about town, I’ve seen and been privy to some wacky hi-jinx. Until this morning, I thought I had witnessed it all. But oh! How I was wrong.

Meet Barbara Hall

Barbara is a sexually vibrant 60-year-old woman. She’s living life and loving as she pleases, why…she even has a boyfriend that is 15 years younger! Unfortunately, Babs and her lover got into a bit of a tiff based on a misunderstanding.

This beautiful flower of womanhood and her gentleman lover were about to engage in coitus when she asked him to be a dear and fetch her some personal lubricant. Ever the dutiful boytoy, he retrieved some lube for his lady. When he returned, she asked if he also brought the Pam cooking spray (kinky skank!) Barbara thought he understood she was inquiring about the popular oil in aerosol can form. He misunderstood, and thought she was asking about a woman they knew named Pam.

The boyfriend thought Babs was suggesting a 3 way with this Pam woman, started talking about her and admitted to recently having sex with Pam. Barbara, who was merely asking him to also bring a can of Pam cooking spray into the bedroom, flew into a rage.

She threw multiple objects at him and eventually was arrested for domestic assault. Babsie claims to remember none of the altercation.

The boyfriend is fine, and Barbara Hall has since been sentenced to die of embarrassment, because the world now knows what she greases her griddle with (if ya know what I mean.)

Sadly, Pam the non-stick cooking spray, has prevented this couple from sticking together. Let this be a lesson to you, men. If you’re going to have a side piece, make sure she doesn’t share a name with your girlfriend’s choice for sexual lubricant.

Because this was the first thing that came to my mind when I read this story, I’ve chosen to include a commercial for Pam why? Because of the tagline, it fits the situation perfectly.



Pam Causes Slippery Situation For Florida Man — 2 Comments

  1. In the future, women will have grease points installed in their nether region. This way, a man will only need one kind of lubricant for the garage and the bedroom.

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