Post On Request: Cribsy’s Top Ten Favorite Flicks

Reader Taryn R. won our latest round of Caption This, and gave me the following topic:

“your top 10 favorite movies of all time and why”

Being as I’m never one to shy away from talking about myself, I am happy to oblige!

Listen, I’m a pop culture vulture. I devour it all like a rabid piranha. While these are my top 10, I could have easily included 100 more movies such as Ghostbusters, Trading Places, Rosemary’s Baby, A Christmas Story etc. This is by no means a complete list of my favorites nor is it in any particular order.


Cribsy’s Top Ten Favorite Flicks


Pulp Fiction

Bow Down!

Perfect film in my opinion, cover to cover.

The acting, writing, directing, soundtrack, all of it is incredible. Sure, the internet is rife with Tarantino haters, but honestly, who the f*ck cares what they say. It’s a great movie.

A Clockwork Orange

Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

Sex, gratuitous violence, milk laced with recreational drugs, and torture come together in the brilliant big screen adaptation of the classic Anthony Burgess tale of a warped future’s youth culture. Malcolm McDowell still does it for me. After all, the man only plays villains.

No time for the in and out love.

House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie is many things: musician, artist and fellow toy collector, but it is his role as director for the horror film masterpiece House of 1000 Corpses  that I love the most.

I’m sure I’ll get plenty of hate for exalting this piece of cinema gold, and I don’t care. The freak show of a terror-fest is a campy homage to classic slasher and Troma films. Most importantly, the movie gave 70’s B-Movie Icon Sid Haig his chance to shine like the star he is as unforgettable character, Captain Spaulding.

How long’s a piece of strang?



Lil’ Ham and Eggs Comin Attcha!

Will Ferrell + Judd Apatow + The 70’s = Comedy Gold.

They are making an Anchorman 2, complete with the return of Veronica Corningstone…I. Can’t. Wait.

Can’t Buy Me Love

Teen romantic comedies hit their peak in the 1980’s, without a question John Hughes made the best. This movie isn’t a John Hughes flick. But it is my favorite of the genre. The fashion, hammy acting and rockin’ soundtrack combine to make a Crib Keeper childhood staple. Because there’s a 99% chance you’ve never seen this movie, I’ve decided to embed the entire thing (courtesy of youtube.)

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

I say you let ME have ’em first!

My love of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure has been well-documented on this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website. But I’ll say it again:  This is Tim Burton’s BEST film. The script is hysterical, the actors are perfect and the visuals are incredible. Besides, who could argue with the genius of the following:



This is hands down my favorite Martin Scorsese film. I could write an entire post about my favorite side characters from Goodfellas. Morrie alone deserves his own prequel!

The acting, writing and action is just incredible. Pesci showed the world just how dangerous “Short Man’s Syndrome” could be and Ray Liotta made us all wish we lived the life of a small time gangster, well…until the whole drug subplot took off, then it became a unglamorous look into a life unraveling.

Coincidentally, Henry Hill, the mobster whose life inspired the tale, passed away yesterday at the age of 69. As a Howard Stern fan, I wasn’t surprised. Henry had been drunk dialing the show for years.

Neverending Story

Falcor for the win.

If you never saw this movie growing up, I feel sorry for you.

How could you be denied this screen glory!?

Remedy my pitying your sad sack self by going out and retrieving a copy of the gem.


House of Wax (1953)

Please note that I am referring to the classic Vincent Price film not the crappy 2005 remake. Vincent Price brings the creepy and Carolyn Jones AKA Morticia Addams meets an untimely demise. As a Vincent Price superfan, this happens to be my favorite of his performances, though his turn in the original House on Haunted Hill is a close 2nd. I love that movie.

The Producers (1968)

Mel Brooks is a living treasure.

This was his debut film. He wrote and directed the controversial 1968 satire. The film had a hard time getting a distributor due to the fact it’s about a musical adaptation of Adolph Hitler’s private life.

Zero Mostel and the incomparable Gene Wilder provide hysterical performances along with a cast of insane characters. Yes, I know they made a musical and then a 2005 big screen adaptation of said musical, but the original is worth a watch on its own. The dirty humor, the sight gags and Mel Brooks trademark razor-sharp satire make this one of my all time favorites.

And there you have it Taryn, my 10 favorite movies and why, in no particular order! Hey Internets: What are your top 10 movies???


Post On Request: Cribsy’s Top Ten Favorite Flicks — 7 Comments

  1. One thing I remember about you in HS…was when you went and watching Interview with a Vampire 10 times the first week it came out. HAHAHA! I remember sitting at lunch and listening to you go on and on about that red velvet cape…hahahaha! Loved it!

  2. Good list…I need check out your horror picks. Here’s my little list (turned up to 11)…

    In Bruges
    Clockwork Orange
    Old School
    On The Waterfront
    Pulp Fiction
    Hurt Locker

  3. I’m so glad that you noted that you were not talking about the Paris Hilton version of House of Wax, otherwise we couldn’t be internet friends anymore. 🙂 Love the list! Lovely mixture of genres but all great movies.
    My list is the following: not in order

    Old School
    Playing by Heart
    Love Actually
    Any George Romero zombie flick
    Across the Universe
    Empire Records
    The Hangover – not the sequel!
    Easy A

  4. Kill Bill
    Repo! The Genetic Opera
    The Usual Suspects
    The Jerk
    Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
    Gone With the Wind
    Stranger Than Fiction
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

  5. Ah, Patrick Dempsey’s hair!
    This is my list at the moment. It’ll probably be different tomorrow.

    Grease 2
    Now, Voyager (but almost anything with Bette Davis)
    Vampire’s Kiss
    White Christmas/Easter Parade (holiday choice)
    Empire Strikes Back
    Viva Las Vegas
    Pretty in Pink
    Three Amigos
    A Star is Born
    Cannibal! The Musical

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