Pizza Machines: Coming To America


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have three words that will forever change your life and obliterate your pants size FOREVER:  Pizza Vending Machine.

A while ago, vending company A1 Concepts debuted a Pizza Vending Machine in European movie theatres. It’s called, “Let’s Pizza,” and the mechanical wonder creates a pizza from absolute scratch in 2.5 minutes. To watch this baby in action, is to witness a glorious ballet for the senses. Take a look for yourself…

Pretty incredible, no? Well, no need to book those trips overseas to give this baby a whirl because the company is currently setting up a US headquarters in Atlanta, and will be rolling out “Let’s Pizza,” machines all over the country in airports, grocery stores, malls, hospitals (<—not kidding.)

At $5.95, the 10.5 inch pizza seems like a good deal and appears legit, but I’ll need to test is out. I will say I find one particular fact slightly creepy, the company touts the pizzas are “made entirely without human hands.”

Is there a chance that our future robot overlords are plying us with unbelievable fast and cheap pizza in a cruel attempt to fatten humans further thus killing most off, then enslaving the survivors for an eternity? Sure.

But some things are worth the fall of humanity.



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