Caption This: Beer Ad Edition!

Ever turn on a television and or flip open a magazine to find your inner 12-year old boy making crude jokes at innocent people’s expense? For example, I was watching the news the other morning, when I saw this:

Now, a good portion of you out there have no idea why this is funny to my juvenile sense of humor. I like to call you people, the “good folks.”

You see, chances are you’ve spent your life doing worthwhile things. Be it: contributing to society by helping/serving in our: military, hospitals, schools, churches, homeless shelters, nursing homes, doing stuff that doesn’t rot your soul.

I’m fairly certain you good folks never go on benders that end with you passed out on Bourbon Street wearing nothing but feathers and a name tag that says “Ramon.” And why would you? You’re not a scumbag, drunk, lazy nitwit, floozy or ne’er-do-well.

Bravo to you good folks who have been practicing “clean livin.” I’m going to kindly ask y’all to take the week off from our caption this contest. Because, even though I happen to be a profoundly immature jerk, I understand the value of not offending good people’s sensibilities.

For those of you who immediately found the photo up top hilarious due to the woman’s unfortunate luck of having the same last name as a slang word for the very thing she was crusading against, welcome to the sleazy side of life.

Those of you who are like me, aka dirt bags, please feel free to enter into this week’s CAPTION THIS contest. This week’s photo has been taken from an ad for the Ursus beer company.

Rules are the same as always: You have until Sunday at 11:59pm to enter. Winner announced Monday, prize is a POST on request where you give me ANY topic and I deliver. Speaking of, last week’s winner A-Ball, requested a MOUSTACHE MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This next Monday I’m proud to announce will be a MOUSTACHIOED ONE!!!!!

Now, without further fanfare…



Caption This: Beer Ad Edition! — 14 Comments

  1. Despite popular belief, Ursus is NOT for Uranus. Nor is it from there. (Unless you had a failed attempt at a beer enema.)

  2. Ladies, what you see before you is undeniable proof that drinking in bed is a fanfreakintastic idea…Drunken sluts…as if any of us really needed another reason 😉 !!Holy Ellen Fapper!!

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