Finally! A Coloring Book You Can Relate To!


Anyway you slice it, they get to have all the fun in life. Lucky little jerks.

Thankfully, the side-splitting and slightly depressing product of Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen’s biting wit and kickbutt illustrations, launched a little over 2 weeks ago.

The website is currently accepting pre-orders for an actual coloring book that publishes this fall. Until then? You can download pages to color your very own self!

Here are some of the things you can download and share…


Look at that creep, HE’S DREAMY!

Chilling yet true tableau.

Hobos smell better than hipsters (and are surprisingly gentle lovers.)


Why, they even have WORD SEARCHES…

Head on over to ColoringForGrownups for more sad funny because it’s true pages!

Speaking of juvenile fun and games…

John Travolta Jambi Photoshop Contest Update!

Tuesday I asked the world to send me a photo of John Travolta as Jambi, the iconic and fancy genie from the classic children’s TV show, “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.”

See, Judd Apatow is making a new Pee Wee movie, and your pal the Crib Keeper thinks Apatow should write a special appearance by Jambi into the script. Why? Because Travolta was born to give handjives, baby!

Yesterday reader Kath sent in the following:

Licka Hiney Ho!

It’s breathtaking.

Surely the powers at be on the new Pee Wee movie will see this and follow my unsolicited advice. CAST HIM TODAY!

As promised, Kath is the proud new owner of her very own logo sticker! Want your own cute little grouchy muffin to stick wherever you please? You’ll just have to stay tuned for more contests.

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