Pee Wee Herman is Hittin’ the Movie Theatres Again (Not what it sounds like!)

Miss Me?

In 1985 Paul Ruebens and a plucky young director named Tim Burton teamed up  to give the world, “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”One of the greatest cinematic gifts in the history of film.

The movie, from the awe-inspiring breakfast machine, to villain Francis Buxton, is perfection. Don’t believe me? Give it another watch. The brilliant screenplay penned by Ruebens, Michael Varhol and the late Phil Hartman, remains hilarious almost 30 years later.

Pee Wee himself has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity, though in my heart, his star never dimmed. It started back in 2010, when Pee Wee brought back his famous groundlings theatre  original stage production, “The Pee Wee Herman Show.”  The revival was a smashing success when it was performed at its home stage, such a success that Pee Wee took his act to broadway. I was lucky enough to be there in person when he announced the show was moving to New York City (and subsequently joked that we wouldn’t be able to get tickets it’d be such a hit.) He was right, Limited Broadway engagement of The Pee Wee Herman Show was a hit as was the subsequent HBO Special.

For his next trick, the great Pee Wee is returning to the silver screen! As if to apologize for the crappy nightmare that was “Big Top Pee Wee,” Ruebens is making another PEE WEE FILM!


HOORAY! Celebratory Ice Cream Soup for EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Judd Apatow recently confirmed that he will be producing a BRAND NEW Pee Wee movie set to begin production as soon as Paul Rubens ends his current gig, voice work on the Disney series, Tron: Uprising.

Details have yet to be set, but yours truly is absolutely elated to hear the news. As a fan who can recite every line from “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” that coincidentally also does a DEAD-ON “Large Marge” vocal impression, I can’t imagine anything better than a new PEE WEE movie for Angry Baby to enjoy. Oh sure, world peace and all that jazz would be sweet, but I’m a realist.

Rest assured dear reader, I will keep you abreast (getyourmindoutofthegutter) off all NEW PEE WEE MOVIE NEWS!

You know, I’ve gotta hand it to Hollywood. Just when I’m about to write them off for good bad, they come back and do something like this….and completely redeem themselves.

Well, almost. Redemption will happen ONLY when the studios restart production on the movie adaptation of Steve Alten’s classic Megalodon- starring Horror novel,  “Meg.”

I’m Chompin’at the bit to see this.

And let me be the FIRST to make this casting suggestion: I say they get John Travolta to play Jambi. (Side Contest: First person to send me a hilarious jpeg of Travolta as Jambi the Magical Genie from Pee Wee’s Playhouse gets a FREE sticker!GO!)

I for one, hope they bring back FRANCIS(!!!!) He’s a childhood idol of mine, well…except for that whole being an obese male thing.

I want this suit and the taxidermy… fo’ realz.




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