Reunited & It Feels So Good

What took you so long?

You’ll have to forgive me for taking the day off from you yesterday, my darling reader. You see, yesterday Lover Fo’ Life came home from his trek of infinity to Brazil. At 2.5 weeks, it’s the longest he and I have been apart in over 8 years. Add to the fact there’s an Angry little longshoreman for a baby that has been missin’ her pops to the max, and you come to where I was yesterday. I like to call it “Bliss Junction.”

I picked up a beaming, yet bleary-eyed, L4L from the airport at 9:45am.

Angry Baby began to clap, laugh and smile. She missed him terribly while he was away. She would go around the house saying: “Dada?” not to mention homegirl was sick and tired of only having my mug to look at. She grinned ear to ear the entire trip home in the car.

As we exited to the highway, L4L informed me that he hadn’t slept in 30 hours, nor had a hot meal since he could remember. My “Mom Genes” kicked in and I drove our vehicle to the nearest Cracker Barrel.

Oh can it you big snobs. Cracker Barrel, or the Diabetes Factory as you health nuts call it, is a chain restaurant filled with rusty old antiques and gobs of “homestyle country cooking,” it also happens to be a L4L favorite. Don’t Judge.

As he enjoyed his first hot meal in weeks, Angry Baby decided she would not rest until he was holding her. I paraded a variety of her favorite go-to fruits, “Nuh, Nuh!” She refused them all. This child was ignoring her biological need for nourishment, she wanted her dad: nothing else would do. He picked her up and held her for the remainder of our time at the delightful Barrel of Crackers.

We arrived at our new house, all the heavy stuff has been moved in thanks to my awesome family, and believe it or not, I actually picked up some heavy stuff too! Oh, don’t worry, my status as GOLDBRICKER #1 is still in good standing.

L4L walked the new place with me, quietly observing every aspect, “It’s a lot bigger than I remember,” he smiled.

“That’s because all of our stuff is still in boxes.”

After the grand tour of the casa, Lover Fo’ Life changed into his swimming trunks, which I had waiting for him on the patio when he arrived. While he took in his serene new backyard, I stuffed Angry Baby into her Lil’ Swimmer’s diaper, slathered her in sunblock, and for the first time ever, the 3 of us swam together as a family. It was incredible.

After a quick dip, we got back to the business at hand. Angry Baby was pooped from all the excitement and so was L4L. I sent both of them off to nap, while I enjoyed the peace of having my tiny family back together.

That night Angry Baby had her NEW current favorite meal: beans directly poured from the can. She can’t get enough of them. Heat them up? she’ll only play with them until they’re COLD as from the can. Right out of the can to her plate? She claps and chows down. Gross-o-modo.

L4L, taken aback by her enthusiasm and enjoyment started laughing. “That kid really is too much. I mean whose favorite meal is beans from a can?”

“Hobos.” I quickly responded. “Well, hobos and longshoremen.”

Welcome home L4L, you were missed at this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website and more importantly, by our TUFF lil’ RUFFNECK. Any day I expect Angry Baby to come in with a boat anchor tattoo that says “Pa” on it. She’s a daddy’s girl, after all.

So that’s where I was yesterday, but fear not my beautiful babies, now that I’ve got my partner in babywranglin’ back, I’m once again riding  the ha-ha train! More posts to come!

Your Pal,

The Crib Keeper


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