Invasion of the Alien Cannibal Killer Shrimp

Better than the movies.

Coming soon, to a gulf near you it’s the Alien Cannibal Killer GIANT Shrimp!

The Asian Tiger Shrimp AKA star of my culinary fantasies, are INVADING the US!!! Fishermen and Shrimpers are pulling them out of the gulf of Mexico at an alarming rate.


The massive monsters are alien to our waters and scientists are concerned about the fragile ocean ecosystems.  Apparently the Asian Tiger Shrimp is  a real dick and eats other shrimp. Since EVERY shrimp in the united states in smaller than this bad boy, it’s potentially lights out for all other shrimps. In the past year there has been a 10 fold increase in the amount of the cannibal shrimp.

For years I’ve coveted these GIANT SHRIMP. It’s been a dream of mine to eat one with a bucket of lemon wedges. Seriously, I have a bucket gutket list, AND THESE BEAUTIES ARE ON IT!

Shrimply the best.

I thought I was going to have to travel all the way to Asia to munch on these super shrimp, but thanks to smugglers, migrating or some other yet to be determined reason by science, they’re in my own back yard!

NOAA ask that anyone who encounters one please report it to local wildlife authorities.

Me? I’m hitting the docks for a new ho stroll, I’m on a shrimp hunt. I HAVE TO TRY THIS ASIAN TIGER SHRIMP!!

Sorry fragile marine ecosystems, you’re up against GIANT SHRIMP.

Alien Cannibal Killer Shrimp = The Most Delicious Horror of All

Just add lemon.

And just in case you were wondering…

In the shellfish game, shrimp reigns. Shrimp is far more delicious than lobster. Shrimp are milder, not rubbery and adorable.  Lobster is big dumb and ugly. SKRIMPS RULE! LOBS SLOB!

Yes, even YOU Rock Lobster…



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