Extremely Precious:15 Minute Old Baby Gives Dad the Finger

How did I miss this treasure?

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my beautiful babies! Today we delve into the realm of the EXTREME. Me? I’m celebrating our weekly holiday by being EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE. Between helping Lover fo Life pack for his trip to Brazil (I take him to the airport at 2pm today (frownie face,) and packing up the house for the BIG MOVE, I’m actually doin’ stuff today.

As for your Tues-the-Extreme Day, no matter what you choose make sure you find at least a little time today to LIVE IN THE EXTREME!

Speaking of, here’s a newborn that has the chops to hang with Angry Baby. 15 minutes old and already has an attitude problem. In response to his Dad’s video camera, this little cutie flipped pops the bird.

Some of you will argue that the kid didn’t mean to, but I’d like to think, homeboy knew exactly what was up.

Son, you’re Angry Baby’s brother from another mother. Today the kid is flipping off his folks (at birth,) tomorrow he’s helping crush humanity with his screams, rancid poops and rivers of baby puke. You’ve brought a tear to my eye with your fresh from the womb jerk-preparedness.

I can hear some of you now, “Oh nice Crib Keeper, you just called a tiny newborn baby a jerk!” Yeah I did. Here’s the proof…

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND PRECIOUS, why…it almost makes me want to go through the horror of childbirth once again, just to see the potential crude gestures that Angry Baby 2.0 might bring to the birthing table.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got lots of crap to do today. And now that you think of it, so do you. DO WORK, SON!

–  The Crib Keeper

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