Caption This: 4/20 Edition!

Stoners, burnouts, wake and bakers, Nanas with glaucoma, pot-heads, snoop dog, your uncle who always, “smells funny,” are all celebrating April 20th, aka 4/20 which is a world-weed Holiday.

How do those go-gettum stoners celebrate the day?

By smoking tons of pot and eating a landfill worth of junk food. Today is literally the ONLY day of the year your blazed burnout cousin Ted (and his paranoid rants about Russian satellites) are socially acceptable.

I chose today’s contest photo keeping with the HOLIDAY.

For those of you new to our Caption this contest, or all of y’all who are lacking short-term memory, I’ll break the rules down for you…

I post a pic, you provide the captions in the comment section. Enter as often as you like, contest ends at 11:59pm Sunday Night.

Winner Announced Monday, winner gets to choose a post topic that I will then quickly turn around and craft into a HILARIOUS prize post on request.


CAPTION THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caption This: 4/20 Edition! — 5 Comments

  1. Finally, the Federal Government has figured out how to win the war on drugs. Make drugs look as uncool as possible …… show a bunch of middle-aged white women doing it.

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