Massive Great White Shark Caught In Sea Of Cortez

Fishermen have long warned that large, man-eating sharks roam the Sea of Cortez. For years, science laughed at their sunbeaten butts. Well, the joke’s on those eggheads, because lookie what a couple of humble Mexican fisherman pulled out of the Cortez! It’s a 20ft. Great White Shark.

Bite it!

The men were pulling in a net of what they assumed to be whole mess of’ fish, when they pulled up a huge 2,000lb dead white shark instead.

Sharks are no stranger to the Sea of Cortez, as it is believed by marine biologists to be a nursery ground for baby great whites.

I was willing to let this go as a simple “WOW, LOOK AT THIS HUUUUGE SHARK” post…unfortunately, as the world’s leading site for Megalodon research, I can’t let certain things about this news story go unexamined.

For starters, the Sea of Cortez was a nursery ground from the pre-historic Megalodon. Matter of fact, there is a massive 40+ foot shark they call the “Black Demon,” that roams the sea.

Locals and seasoned sailors who have seen the monster insist it is not a whale shark, but a living Megalodon who attacks boats and destroys wildlife. Fishermen refuse to sail or give tours on days the Megalodon Black Demon is spotted. I know this because I have a member of my family who was vacationing in the area, denied a booked boat tour and refunded their ticket because “the Black Demon was spotted earlier that day.”

Science has long given the eye-roll when it comes to cryptozoology, but time and time again, I’ve stated this sad but simple fact: We know more about SPACE than we do about our OCEANS. A tiny fraction of our oceans have been explored, there’s plenty of room for massive things like GIANT SQUID and my beloved Megalodon. BTW: Science blew off the giant squid until one finally washed up on shore.

The main argument against Megalodon surviving is food supply. Being as the shark was anywhere from 60-100 feet long, there’s just not enough whales and big sh*t in the ocean, especially the small Sea of Cortez, to properly sustain a population of the ancient monsters.

This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Between the giant Humboldt squid they discovered only 5 years ago and now solid proof of Massive great white sharks, it’s becoming perfectly clear that the sea of Cortez houses plenty of food to sustain the famous Black Demon.

That’s a huge b*tch.

In a few summers, I’m putting together a private cruise in the Sea of Cortez for specific Megalodon looking. Sure, it’s gonna cost a few bones, but I’ve been pricing it…shiz is affordable, especially with a large group of dedicated adventurers.

I figure if 15-25 of us get together and set sail on a sea worthy (and completely chartered yacht,) we’ll tool around with fancy “fishing” sonar and will lure our friend out with MASSIVE AMOUNTS of chum.

I’m not foolish enough to insist we catch or even make contact with the beast, we just need to prove it exists. Your lives will be practically safe, I promise.

Of course…if the Black Demon decides to devour me as his demon bride, he might end up biting a huge hole in the private vessel while trying to get me.

Disclaimer: In the event I’m targeted by my primal equal and our ill-fated exploratory expedition goes horribly wrong, once the ship starts sinking, it’s every man for himself.

Other than that, should be a fun time. Who’s with me?

Anchors Away, My Friends!



Massive Great White Shark Caught In Sea Of Cortez — 10 Comments

  1. I’m in! I bring a wealth of valuable skills to the expedition as well. I am a certified rescue diver, I know how to sail (without a motor, the way REAL men sail), and I have a lush plethora of off-color jokes.

  2. Ok, it’s my blog so I’m entitled to post crazy comments…NOT KIDDING…I think this is a baby meg. I Say that because 1. The shark is now mysteriously gone and unable to have tissue samples taken and #2 Look at the teeth upclose. ( The thumbs up dude pic shows them the best. Look at the tooth shape, It’s not a Great white tooth shape, it’s more triangular and meg-like. Look at the one that fell on the gravel in the photo, it’s a mini meg tooth.

    • I’m not up to date on my shark tooth shapes like you are, so I can’t speak to that. What I will say is that it is certainly colored like a Great White.

      By the way, what are the strange horn-like protrusions under the shark’s skin in the “thumbs up” picture? Did they jam something in its mouth?

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