Post On Request: Disinterest

Gurl Please.

Mansfield Counseling won our latest round of caption this, his request was simple. “What do you think about Pinterest?”

Post On Request: Disinterest

Over a year ago, a girlfriend of mine start emailing me random dispatches from something called “Pinterest.” I clicked on the links only to be told I had to join to see them. I ignored the emails.

A year ago, my close friends started singing the praises of their new internet addiction, a social sharing site that was truly the best thing since flying toasters…it was that stinking Pinterest again.

This time, I decided to give Pinterest a try. Afterall, I’m always looking for new ways to waste time. I aimlessly wandered around the dang site and finally got the gist of Pinterest, I think.

Pinterest: People take snippets of the internet that intrigues them. They then organize those pieces by “pinning them” to an online pinboard. Users can create many different boards for any and all topics.

For Example: Uncle Lenny is really into ladies feet. (He’s a grade A sicko.)

His Pinterest account “Lenny4feetz” has a variety of pinboards, “Dirty Feet,” “Feet I’d like to eat,” and “Exotic Foot Vacations.”

When he’s surfing the internets for filthy feets, he makes sure to push the pin button on any tantalizing pair he comes across, once captured and an identifying photo has been chosen, Uncle Lenny will pin the filthy foot link to his “Dirty Feet” pinboard.

Thus concludes our lesson on how Pinterest works.

I have over 900 posts of pure hilarity, perhaps that is why I have a slight disdain for further splintering of the internet. Whatever the case, I just can’t personally get into Pinterest. Which is sad because I know…

Friends who have made the most delicious meals thanks to recipes they found pinned on Pinterest, matter of fact: One of my all time favorite dishes Jojo the perfect cooked was a Pinterest finding of hers. My mouth and stomach are huge fans of Jojo doing Pinterest.

People who have given me incredible presents they found pinned on Pinterest. The gift receiver in me LOVES Pinterest.

And finally…I need to come clean with you, grouchymuffin has been pinned numerous times and I’ve received thousands of visitors through the pins of the people. So obviously, the Crib Keeper is a total fan of Pinterest.

But for every awesome gift, meal or destination that is realized on Pinterest, there are approximately 1,004 erroneous entries. You see, like with all social media there’s a downside with the site.

Just as there are adventurous chefs, consumers and travelers on the site, there are braggarts, creeps (Uncle Lenny,) and fakers. Essentially, those who are only interested in coveting or criticizing. For every genuinely pinterested user, there are numerous folks simply interested in showing off how fake cool they are. You’ll recognize them by their pretentious pins of places they have no intention of ever visiting, clothing they’ll never wear, and recipes they couldn’t cook if they sincerely tried.

Perhaps my problem isn’t with Pinterest, it’s with the phony appearances we’re putting up as an internet culture. These days it’s all constructed glimpses into the user’s true life dressed up in clever little posts on  boards, walls, photos and in 142 characters or less. Oh, and incase you were wondering, beautiful and/or flattering personal pictures need only apply for sharing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to live in an altered perfect non-reality, just taking snippets of the things I like here and there, no follow-through or real talk required. It would be so easy. But life doesn’t work like that.

In reality, the crap you made last night for dinner sometimes is just a half-step above dogfood, your butt looks HUGE in that print, and a buddy of yours got mugged while visiting the Great Wall of China, so you’re dubious about world travel.

What I guess I’m getting at is this: I’m too “out of touch” to enjoy Pinterest, so I require YOU, my gorgeous, talented readers to go out and actually follow through with your pins. You can demonstrate this by making me delicious recipes and sending yours truly incredible products you come across.  Let’s stop pinning getaways to Nepal for snowboarding lessons with Gwyneth Paltrow’s posture coach, and start getting REAL.


This one goes out to all you PINNERS!


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  1. Nailed it!!
    One of my favorite pinners is constantly pinning the tiniest, trendiest outfits and the most fattening, amazing desserts… she’s either in denial about one or the other, or I desperately want to be her! 😉
    I repin the desserts… no need to pretend!

  2. I’m more excited about the introduction of .gifs on Muffin.
    I’m working on a beta for “Pornterest.” I think you get where I’m going.

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