Presented Without Comment: Jiggling Easter Eggs


Look at you, stuck working today, while the rest the world is off for Good Friday. Don’t think I’ve forgotten you!

It’s really pointless that they’re making you show up today, because NO WORK is getting done. Speaking of things that don’t work…

Did you know that Sally Struthers released a workout video in the late 1980’s? Yep, it’s about how walking would keep you in shape. And we all know how that worked out, right Sally?

Save the Children, Starve the Struthers.

Since your boss isn’t around (the jerk took the day off,) and you weren’t doing anything anyway, I highly suggest you get a load of the clip. No, not because of Sally Struthers…because of the men in short shorts that are walking with her are a veritable easter basket of jiggly balls. I’m serious.

It’s true, Sally’s ham-greased performance is also entertaining, but it’s the dudes bouncing bulges I can’t stop staring at. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!



Presented Without Comment: Jiggling Easter Eggs — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, not only jiggly, but ‘doc’ struts more than he walks. Thanks for the laugh (today and many other days), I needed that!

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