Anchorman Fans, REJOICE!


I’m a self-confessed Will Ferrell fanatic, have been since he was on SNL. Yeah, I know it’s cool to hate on anyone who rakes in the cash for bringing the ha-has to the silver screen, but I can’t say anything negative about the man. Sorry.

The 2004 movie, Anchorman is classic Ferrell all the way. He stars as San Diego’s Local News Anchor for Action 4 News, Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy.

Not even kidding, I can just about quote the entire thing.

The Man, The Myth, The Mustache.

Last year the gang who brought us the original teased that there would be a sequel. Unfortunately, the studio and creative teams couldn’t agree on a budget or concept. Fans were left in limbo.

Last night, Ron Burgundy (also a noted Jazz flautist) unexpectedly made an appearance on Conan. Ron treated the audience to a white-hot Jazz solo with some hilarious jabs at Consie, followed by a very important announcement…

Anchorman 2 is now HAPPENING! Will Ferrell, and original Anchorman writing/director genius Adam McKay are getting the old gang back together for a sequel. Look, I’m not going to sully this post with speculating as to where our beloved Ron Burgundy’s life will be in this long wished for sequel, nah this morning is all about celebrating.

Hooray for the return of the classiest, man to ever spring from “a whale’s vagina” AKA San Diego!

 FINGERS CROSSED my inner alter ego, CHAMP KIND gets called back, WHAAAAAMY!

Slather it in BBQ Sauce.

And just because we all could use a little extra breakfast, here’s a little HAM AND EGGS comin’ your way!


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