Post on Request: Bronies. Yes, It’s A Thing


L4L Won last week’s Caption This contest with a hilarious nod to the Brony.

His prize post on request was simple:

 “I want it all about the Brony.”

According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of a Brony is:

“Teenage to young-adult, mostly male, fans of the animated cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” The term is often accepted as gender-neutral, and many female fans prefer “brony” over the not-so-popular “pegasister.”

Don't let the hair style fool you, Bronies aren't pedophiles.

“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is a show that comes on the Hub network, I know this because I saw: “My Little Pony,” pop up on my menu screen one day and thought it was  a rerun of the classic 80’s kids TV show that I enjoyed. By the time the Opening credits were finished, I knew my initial thought was wrong.  This was a computer animated stylized sparkly reboot, I switched the channel.

Apparently the fans of this show take that shiz seriously and claim that it teaches us all to love and accept one another’s magic.

Everyone is special.

They even held BronyCon 2012 in January here’s a real piece of work interviewing (and mocking) some attendees.

Look, I’m pro-prancing. You’re not going to find me hating on a bunch of fans of some thing I don’t get (unless it’s J.Lo.) I say to each his owny, shout out to all you Bronies reading right now!

However, I will say the following…

This subset of fanboy (and girl) is further proof that the internet is a wonderful thing. Why? Simply put, it sheds a light on all facets of humanity. Let’s face it folks, there truly is a “thing” for everything and the internet brings us the evidence daily.

Be your own rainbow.



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  1. More like JAbronies…

    According to Urban Dictionary, a Jabroni is:

    “one whose sh** is most definitely weak….”



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