Post on Request: Bronies. Yes, It’s A Thing

L4L Won last week’s Caption This contest with a hilarious nod to the Brony. His prize post on request was simple:  “I want it all about the Brony.” According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of a Brony is: “Teenage … Continue reading

The Tall Tale of the Phantom Ice Cream (A Post by Mad Dad)

The Tall Tale of the Phantom Ice Cream Our friends Blake and Misty have two children: Brinley is their five-year-old daughter and Brayden is their four-year-old son. I’ve personally spent and inordinate amount of time with Brayden. Our families scrunched … Continue reading

Suck It, Fruits and Vegetables!

Hear that? It’s the sound of every junk food junky guffawing at nutritionists, Doctors and health nuts. Yes the crap scarfers of the world are truly relishing this fine day (in between fistfuls of Funyuns.) Why? Researchers now have proof that Popcorn is healthier for … Continue reading