Delicious or Disgusting: YOU DECIDE!

Roughin' It

Ah! Spring has sprung, and with the glorious weather here (or around the corner for many of you,) comes the itch that only camping can scratch.

Camping, or living like a hobo in the woods as some call it, is a relaxing escape to the out-of-doors that is attainable both locationally and fiscally for most everyone.

True Story, before I made out with Lover Fo’ Life, I thought camping was a form of torture. My stock answer for anyone who asked me if I’d ever been camping was simple (and a-holey) “Oh sure, I’ve stayed at a Radisson Inn once.”

Being as he’s a lifetime outdoor fan and an Eagle Scout, L4L put an end to that mess and took me camping early in our relationship. I went with an open mind and fell in love, not only with camping, but with the goody-goody who dragged me out there. Camping is in his opinion, a very bare bones experience, oh sure, there’s plenty of comfort on the air mattress we bring, but when we camp we skip all technology…well, except for our Coleman stove.

The Coleman Stove is a wondrous invention and the simple design has been feeding campers for decades upon decades. Many a delicious campfire meal has been made through the propane magic of a Coleman camp stove.

But now, the Coleman company has a new product. A stove that I am conflicted about, I’m not sure whether to embrace it, or kill it. I guess I’ll leave that choice up to each of you.

Say hello to the Coleman Outdoor Portable Stove. For 250 smackers you can purchase this wonder of modern man that allows you to cook a frying pan filled with Bacon and a 12-inch pizza simultaneously all with a 1lb. fuel tank.

Look, I’m not gonna throw hate on those of you that need this because Jr. is a pain in the pills and only eats pizzas, but the rest of you? Those of you who might be entertaining this wonder of camping technology? Yeah, I’m throwing y’all shade.

Camping is meant to be a time where you get back to the basics, and revel in the glorious beauty in the out-of-doors… not a time where you bake a pepperoni fatty disk AKA pizza.

Every lazy person knows, pizza is best consumed when sitting on a couch, preferably with a movie or sporting event showing on the television. Eating pizza in nature is like mowing grass in your bathroom it’s just weird.

But hey, I like to fart on old cans of coffee and trick people into smelling them, so who am I to call another person weird?

A REAL camper, that’s who!



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