Post on Request: Jeff Bridges, A Celebration

Reader Dan won our latest round of caption this, and as with every winner each week, he got to name a topic of his choice, that I would then write and entire post around. Here’s what he sent me…

“Jeff Bridges. I’m going to be watchin the Big Lebowski tomorrow.  You should write about the greatness of his body of work.”

You got it, WINNER Dan!

Jeff Bridges, A Celebration

When it comes to acting, Jeff Bridges is a real GOAT (Greatest of All Time.) You probably already knew that.

Today, I’m going to focus on 3 of my favorite Jeff Bridges Movies.

First up is “Tron”…


“Tron” one ruled, as for the 2nd one? The 2010 reboot starring Olivia Wilde’s fiercest camera mugs? Not so much.

1982’s Disney produced “Tron,” was the first Computer Animated/ Live action film. Disney was truly ahead of the disc with this one. Not only is the plot and action riveting, anyone with a “Clu,” knows that you can’t resist the beauty and exquisite site of grown men in light up spandex. Original “Tron” is the straight man’s Starlight Express.

While his turn as gaming wunderkind Kevin Flynn is a quintessential one, of all the GREAT Jeff Bridges Performances of the 1980’s, one holds a place in my heart above all others: Voicing the character, Prince Lir in the classic RANKIN BASS film, “The Last Unicorn.”

The bull still scares me.

If you haven’t seen “The Last Unicorn,” punch your parents in the mouth for denying you and remedy your crushing deficiency by watching it as soon as humanly possible.

Here’s Jeff singing a love song to the Lady Unicorn who turned into a Human. Yes, it really is Mr. Bridges singing. Sigh, those heady 1980’s.

Jeff Bridges will forever be known as Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, and rightfully so.

Man of the Year, Every year.

If there were a religion built around the teachings of “the Dude,” I can guarantee it would be the coolest cult since the People’s Temple. But that’s nothing new. The internet is filled with far better essays all about how awesome the Cohen Brother’s 1998 gem, “The Big Lebowski,” is.  Particularly Bridges turn as a laid back, White Russian swilling sage, “The Dude,” Instead, I’ll focus on another incredible role he played in the late 1990’s, it was in the Mark Pellington directed masterpiece, “Arlington Road.”


Jeff stars as Michael Faraday, a College Professor who also happens to be an expert on Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations.He lost his wife in an explosion and is left to raise his son alone. The real fun starts when creepy Tim Robbins and his sleeper cell family become his neighbors on Arlington Road. I’m not going to spoil the ending for you, but It’s a helluva Bridges performance.

Of course, this movie was done in 1999, and the plot seems quaint compared to today’s grim post 9/11 reality.

Moral of the post? Unlike Nicolas Cage, Jeff Bridges is a National Treasure.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen any of the abovementioned movies, get thee to a Netflix!


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  1. I had completely forgotten about “The Last Unicorn” ….. dear God, the memories. I did not know Jeff Bridges did a voice in that.

    Shamefully, I have never seen Big Lebowski.

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