What a Weekend

This picture is what sold me on the house.

To say my weekend was incredible, is an understatement. Last week was poop, I’m not gonna lie, I needed a good one.

We kicked it off with Lover Fo’ Life’s Birthday extravaganza at Fogo de Chao, and ended our Friday with a beautiful night of uninterrupted SLEEP! After we awoke and had a leisurely breakfast sans Angry Baby, we hoofed it over to my Mother in Law’s place to pick up the cutie.

I walked through the door, fully expecting my lil’ fireball to come bounding out to us, only she didn’t. Angry Baby was passed out on her Granny, not feeling well.

I scooped her up and she let out a high-pitched whine that could only mean one thing…an ear infection. Luckily her Doctor’s Office has hours on Saturday, I called them and within an hour of talking to the receptionist, Angry Baby was being seen by the weekend on-call physician. Shout out to Blue Fish Pediatric Clinic Memorial for being awesome as always!

Come to find out, last week’s viral nastiness caused a secondary DOUBLE ear infection. The Doc said we caught it quickly, but I still felt awful about it. The rest of Saturday was basically spent wrangling a sick and uncomfortable little grouch. After she went to bed for the evening, I got my St. Patty’s Day on.

Wild times, I drank Miller High Life and watched an episode of “Paula’s Best Dishes,” the Paula Deen Food Network show. As I yelled caustic quips to the silver-haired domestic deity, the fermented hops began to take effect. I became entranced by her gluttonous concoctions. Sure, I tuned in ironically, but my sarcasm soon dissolved into desire. She made a quick and easy Chicken Pot Pie that I had to get in mah mawf!

“That looks delicious,” I said between drool streams.  The stone-sober L4L (Eagle Scout doesn’t like the taste o’ hooch) replied: “You’re drunk.”

Unfazed by my temporary, barley-induced insanity, L4L supported my endeavor. Your old pal, the Crib Keeper was excited about creating a PAWLUH DEEEENuh Pot Pie, Y’all!!!!

What’s that you’re asking? How was it?

Heck if I know, I was too boozed up to cook, all I wanted to do when the time came, was goof around. Sayonara, Pawla.

Coincidentally that night I did happen to have a chicken pot pie, a 63 cent Swanson pie from the depths of my deep freeze. From my the chiller to my lips, the whole process took 3.5 minutes. Thanks Microwave Technology!

Don’t worry, Y’ALL…I’m making PAWLA’s recipe (with some modifications) tonight. Actually, you probably should worry, because me looking to the evil Memaw of the century for meal ideas is most likely further proof that the world just might be ending in 2012 after all. Sorry if I turn out to be a horsewoman of the apocalypse (I’m not that sorry.)

Between Angry Baby being sick,  the “Meat Train,” at Fogo and the St. Patty’s Day festivities, I’d had an action-packed weekend. Then Sunday’s awesome train sealed it…this past weekend ruled.

Before I tell you about my fantastic Sunday, let me first confess something I’ve been hiding from you…

For the past month, Lover Fo’ Life and I have been house hunting, we’re gettin’ a new house y’all! The new place is where we hope to spend at least the next 15+ years (we’re doing a 15yr Mortgage.)

Essentially, we’re hoping this will be Angry Baby’s “childhood home.” Of course, life changes on a dime, so nothing is guaranteed, but we’re excited.

Don’t worry, I’ll be chronicling it all, I was just waiting for an ending to the saga. Anyproperties, yesterday we came to an agreement with the (impossible) seller and now have a CONTRACT on the new Angry Baby Manor.

Our closing date is April 20th, 2012. A month and a day away. In one short month we’ve gotta pack it all up. Did I mention L4L leaves for a 2 week business trip to Brazil ONLY 4 days after we close!? Yeah, life’s about to get cray-cray around here.

Oh wait, Angry Baby lives here, we’re already there.

What does this mean for you? An entire new series debuting tomorrow, chronicling this frenzied month. Ah, the terrors of pleasure. I can promise you, there are bound to be laffs along the way.

And as if my Sunday couldn’t get any better, I ended the glorious weekend with my FIRST EVER Taco Bell Doritos Loco Taco. I subbed the dog food like soybean meat for chicken. This taco was everything I wished it would be and more…sure the shells are merely the standard Taco Bell shell powdercoated with a neon orange layer of Doritos cheese…but the Dorito cheese is magic.

Le Yum.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed recalling my epic weekend of awesome with you, but I must bid you adieu. I’ve got boxes to pack.


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