It’s Lover Fo’ Life’s Birthday, Y’all!!!!

Happy Birthday, You Delicious Creature!

Years and years ago on this very day, Lover Fo’ Life was born.

Today, let us begin our Day with a Birthday Celebratory post in his honor.

I’ve planned the perfect day. It started off with breakfast in (no)bed, he hates crumbs in the sheets. This afternoon we’re dropping Angry Baby off for the night at her Granny’s (the woman is a saint.) Afterwards, it’s on to the new indoor gun range. I figure we’ll shoot a few hundred rounds and head back to the casa to clean up and get ready for dinner. Tonight’s dinner is a delicious all you can eat meat buffet via a Brazilian Steakhouse. We’re riding the MEAT TRAIN tonight! (Not what it sounds like.)

Afterwards? Who knows…maybe we’ll catch a movie (Birthday boy’s choice) though, if I had a choice, it would be the new WILL FERRELL MOVIE, Casa de Mi Padre!

Awwwwwww Yeah!

But there are several dude flicks out I wouldn’t mind seeing, in other words, the night is ours!

I know a ton of you Mr. Coolios out there are saying: “Hay Crib Keeper, Big Deal. Doesn’t sound like that much of a birthday celebration to me.”

Yeah yeah, you might be a regular Zooey Deschanel in the hip department…but we have a kid, A really exhausting one. We’re getting to do all of these things SANS KIDDO! Just us, a couple of adults on the town, doin’ whatever is clever.

We might as well be poppin’ bottles in ‘da club (that’s still a thing, right?)

Happy Birthday to Lover fo’ Life, the Eagle Scout to my Supervillain.  

Thanks for being  a mighty and steadfast partner in Baby wrangling, even when it’s super gross. And more importantly, thanks for discovering the fabled ancient lost civilization of my heartmeat.  You’re Shrimply the BEST!

There’s only one thing left to do, Pad’nah…A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TIP O’ THE STETSON!

Tip O' The Stetson to ya L4L. Happy Birthday, good ol' boy!

Fun Fact: I have a little ditty  I sing to annoy L4L, it’s called “My Best Friend (his real name.)” I based the melody off the classic song, “My Best Friend Plank,” but the only lyric I sing is: “You are my best friend (his name)” over and over and over. However, it’s not the repitetion annoys him…it’s the voice I sing it in. I call it my slack-jawed hillbilly accent. Oooh Eeee he hates it.

Anypresents, here’s the Original song (because you’re never going to get to hear my version,) is his honor.


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