A Bittersweet Day for Shark Enthusiasts

What if I told you there was a private yacht in existence with a 120 ton aquarium on board? Well there is. Matter of fact, the private floating aquarium is for one fish only: DEADLY SHARKS.

If you’re like me a Shark superfan and budding Supervillain, this is a dream answered. Today we have the technology to house beloved sharks on a private yacht. This tank of particular sharks housed all sorts of deadly species of shark including 2 Bull and 2 GREAT WHITE SHARKS. AKA Human chompin’ Apex predators. Emilio Largo is laughing his Thunderballs off at this news.

Great Day for shark lovers, right?? Well, here’s the rub…the boat was made for Hannibal Gaddafi the exiled, son of late dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. Yeah, kinda sucks.


See, by having a secret ocean water tank on board his private yacht, while being a world-recognized evil jerk, Hannibal has ruined it for all of us.

I too, had a dream of ordering my own massive private ocean liner, capable of holding 3,500 passengers complete with huge sea water aquarium. It’s how I first envisioned bringing my beloved Megalodon home.

Comin' to getcha!

The Megalodon, for those of you who are living under a scientific rock, is a THOUGHT to be extinct prehistoric shark. I (and so many of you reading this,) know that the Megalodon still is out there, feasting on whales and giant squid, waiting to be discovered. It is my life’s obsession to prove this fact, and procure one for my own nefarious purposes.

I was hoping to con the US military higher-ups to partnering with me, so that they would float most of the cost. Now I can freaking forget it. They’ll see my act a mile away and put me in shackles.

No, I’m going to have to do this on my own.

I’m going to selectively ignore that a spoiled thug son of a murderer commissioned and first owned this technology. Hooray Progress! Boo to Hannibal Gaddafi for almost spoiling it for all the other rotten apples!

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