Things That Make My Morning: Simply Stunning!

For the last 8 years, Smithsonian Magazine has held a contest for the best reader taken photographs around the world. This is the 9th year of the contest and here are just some of the AMAZING finalists.

The best part? YOU have a chance to vote for your favorite to determine this year’s winner!

50 toes by Nimai Ghosh.

Blue Ice Cave by Jamie Scarrow.

Jabulani the elephant greeting his caretaker by Paula Durham.

A White Collared Kingfisher (halcyon chloris) dives out of the water, after a quick afternoon dip in the Kinabatangan River, Borneo by C.S. Ling.

Shrimp within vase sponge by William Goodwin.

Brooklyn Bridge by Wayne Bennett.

The golden rock by David Lazar.

The Kara women are the backbone of the tribe by photographer Nicholas Wiesnet.

Forgotten office by Robyn Meyer.

Wanting to see her big brother during his baseball game by Stephanie Fox.

Neighborly dispute by Donald Montemorra.

The diversity of ordinary life by Branko Stojanovic.

Some of those were absolutely beautiful, amirite?

Hey listen, it can’t always be fart jokes…I’ve gotta class this lousy dump up every once in a while, you know…cause we’s fancy too! Think of it like this, you’ll look SUPER classy and smart when you name check your favorite SMITHSONIAN photo contest submission. Cheryl in Accounting will be soooo impressed with your fake smarty pants, she’ll save an extra slice of co-worker birthday cake in the break room, JUST FOR YOU!

See, by faking intelligence, in your daily life, no one will be tipped off what dumblovin’ skanks we are!



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  1. so umm… my morbid curiosity brought me to and I just have to say…. WTF?? who does that?? thanks CK. Thanks a lot.

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