Happy Birthday, Texas!

No place like home.

The Republic of Texas was born today 176 years ago, and we’re celebrating at grouchymuffin headquarters!

For everyone outside of Texas, March 2, 1836 is the day we declared our independence from Mexico with the Texas Declaration of Independence.

As a native Texan, I can say with complete conviction: Texas RULES!

We’ve got guns, bluebonnets, Governor Goodhair and DEEP FRIED STEAK! Texas is my home and it’s home to millions of people, matter o’ fact: there’s plenty o’ room for everyone.

Get it Gurl!

Top Misconceptions about Texans.

We’re all Republican.

I have plenty of liberal friends, family and neighbors. Shocking 100% True fact: Lover fo’ Life considers himself a moderate Democrat. Hippy.

We ride horses to work.

Texas is much more than 10 gallon hats and horses. Matter of fact, Texas has every state of the art modern gizmo and convenience (except lax liquor laws.) It’s not some wild, untamed western movie set, it looks a lot like any other state, except we have vast expanses of land between things. Sure, there are tons of folks who live on farms or ranches in the country, but farmers and country folks are everywhere, not just Texas!

We’re dipwads because we talk with a southern accent.

Texas rules, we are the birth nation of Norris, Chuck Norris’ fictitious character, Walker, Texas Ranger.

Chucking CHUCK NORRIS! Do his guns look idiotic to you?

I didn’t think so.

America's Treasure.

To all of my fellow Texans scattered afar reading this, it’s not the same here without you, but I’ll pour out a LONE STAR BEER for all of you! Oh who am I kidding? I’ll never waste beer.

One for my homies.

Tip O’ The Stetson to you Texas, you truly are the “Chuck Norris” of States.

Tip O' the Stetson to ya Texas, our Texas!

I’m celebrating with a viewing of my favorite Texas-based movie, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, chomping on a big ol’ steak, and taking a trip to the gun range.

One year ago today, I purchased my first handgun.

I made sure to do it on Texas Independence day because I live in a state that allows me to carry a concealed handgun to protect myself and any other citizen in immediate danger.What a COUNTRY!  

Please take the Time to hear our unofficial state folk song, “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” sung by Hoyt Axton AKA The Dad from Gremlins and Sam McKinney’s dad on Diff’rent Strokes.

TRUTH: The song is about a high-yellow, sister…who was a prostitute. What state’s got the strangest and most scandalous unofficial state song origin? THIS ONE!  

Here’s both mine and Pee Wee’s personal favorite Texas song, “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”

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