Leaping into the Future

Time Leaps.

Today is February 29, 2012. It’s Leap Day! Once every 4 years, we get an extra day in February, today is that special moment.

As I celebrate the extra day with my usual foolery and fun, I can’t help but think about where Angry Baby will be in 4 years.

By then, she’ll be 5 years old, practically grown. Angry Baby will be potty trained, capable of wiping her own buttcheeks and in Kindergarten.

In just this past year I’ve been humbled by the magical transformation from furious blob, to little kid. What will 4 more years bring? In just 16 months, she’s gone from doing absolutely nothing but screaming, pooping and sleeping, to now Angry Baby is a little fireball heck-bent on being independent. Sure, she still screams, but she also eats real food, walks and runs on her own and recognizes the necessity of diaper changes. Life with Angry Baby has gotten much easier in some respects, and trickier in others.

Where will we all be next Leap Year?

My mind cannot wrap around the thought of all the changes that will occur in 4 years. She’ll be a fully functioning and communicating little person by then. I can’t wait to get to know that future ball of energy, something tells me she’s going to be a real character.

Last Leap Year I was miserable. I had my WORST BOSS OF ALL TIME giving me attitude because I was actively trying to conceive a baby. Speaking of, it wasn’t working at the time and I was just sure I’d never have a baby, Angry or otherwise. Four years later, I’m up to my eyeballs in baby slobber and free of  the Evil Bowling Ball forever (That’s what I called the former boss. He got what was comin’ to him in the end.)

Here’s to this extra day we only see every 4 years, the triumphs and happiness that has happened since the last, and most importantly, here’s to the next Leap Year.

Who knows what the time before next Leap Year will bring. One thing’s for certain, I’m going to savor every slobbery kiss, this baby is on the grow!

Why so serious?

Perhaps next Leap Year Angry Baby, Lover fo’ Life and I will be on our first private Megalodon expedition. Even better, maybe the Megalodon will have already been discovered by yours truly. HEY, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN 4 YEARS!

Leapin' Lord of the Deep!


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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I swear I used to think she was her daddy’s carbon copy… not today!!! She is looking just like her mommy!!!!! She’s gonna be a beauty just like her mommy!!! Not that looking like dad is a bad thing. 😉

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