Introducing the McRibster! (Book Your Flights to Austria NOW)

Chomp on it, Chumps!

Leave it to the Austrians to find a way to be more efficiently American. They’ve introduced the Austrian answer to our McRib, say hello to the McRibster!

The country that gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart, Hitler (whoops!) and Gustav Klimt is now responsible for schooling American McDonald’s in the art of selling disgusting, heart murdering, seasonal, fast food menu offerings. 

The McRibster is a McRib, except the springy mystery meat is DEEP FRIED then covered with cheese, a bizarre mayo concoction, and bacon!

It can’t get any worse better than this!

There are no words.

Real Talk: What kind of name is “McRibster?” It’s not creative and I’m pretty sure Rob Schneider’s Copy Guy skit inspired it. You remember that awful classic skit?

Makin' copies (of American sandwich names.)

“The McRib…McRibster, ma-kin cop-eeeeees.”

The McRibster is available at all Austrian McDonald’s for a limited time only, beginning March 27, 2012.

I say we charter a jet to take a group of readers to Austria on a grouchymuffin eating expedition, but seeing as I’m not a fool who loves to waste money, I’ll need one of you to foot the bill.

No Takers? Fine, I guess we’ll never know what deep-fried gymnasium mats covered in cheese tastes like.



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