Take a Look Inside Skankingham Palace

Who Farted?

Christina Aguilera is many things: scream singer, Judge on NBC’s Cee Lo vehicle, The Voice and diva. But above all things, girlfriend is a hot tranny mess skank. Matter of fact, she’s the QUEEN of skanks. Think of her as a Drag Queen Elizabeth.

X-Tina loves to remind everyone she’s the “VOICE OF HER GENERATION,” and a legitimate important living legend/ mother of a young son. But like so many others out there, for me, she’s always going to be DIRRRTY!

Christina blazed a trail for sluts and party trash everywhere when she rode her buttless chaps to superstardom. And with her mountain of cash, she bought a palatial mansion and decorated it just like you’d expect the Queen of our kind to do it…CLASSY AND PERFECT!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, say hello to the house that crotch sweat and vocal gymnastics built!

By the Way: The house is on the market, YOU CAN Have ALL THIS for only $13.5 Million!

The Exterior

That Christina, Always riding something!

Perfect Staircase for Hooker line-ups


She even managed to have a skanky recording studio and theatre!

Memaw does NOT Approve!

Somewhere a Chinese Restaurant is missing its painting.

$150 an hour, $500 for the night.

Oh Lerd.

Looks like they imported the furniture from a 1986 Carnival Cruise Ship.

What in the Golden Girls Heck is My Nana's Bathroom doing in Skankingham Palace!?

If it was filled with Clorox, I still wouldn't get in this petri dish.

Even the Dali Lama is throwing shade at this foolery.

It’s a bit out of my taste-range, but if X-Tina is willing to throw in a Fountain that dispenses Cotton Candy, Marshmallow, and Whipped Cream flavored Vodkas, we might be able to talk. The Vodka fountain is NON-Negotiable. I have my principles.



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