UGH. I'm a full on MOMBIE today.

Don’t get too close to me, I’ve got a nasty cold courtesy of Angry Baby. L4L and yours truly are both laid up chomping cold meds, zinc and goldenseal like Pac Man. Not to worry, I’m hitting a cold symptom management groove, and will return tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve taken a break from my full-time “Patient Zero,” impersonation to judge the “Caption This contest!”

Without further snotty kleenex adieu I give you our WINNERS!!!!!

“That’s who Cheetara left Lion-O for!?” – Chrispy

Runner Up: “Let’s hope lil’ Simba doesn’t have an Uncle Scar.” – Mad Dad

Congrats Chrispy! Simply message me with your post topic, and I’ll get to work writing a POST ON REQUEST just for you!

Bummed you didn’t win? There’s always next time.

See you on the Cold Meds aisle!

Your Pal,

Typhoid Mary The Crib Keeper


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