I Would Do Somersaults of Exaltation.

I'm a Cat n the HATER!

The title of my post is the response to the title of the article I’ve linked below.

Yahoo has the little gem: “What If All the Cats in the World Suddenly Died?”

You should read it. C’mon what the heck else were you going to do? Work!? BAH! It is to laugh!

Basically it says that without cats, the world would be overrun with rats and other vermin. I say big deal. Rats are better than cats.

Have you ever known or seen a “Crazy Rat Lady?”


I rest my case.

Sayonara Cats, bring on the RATS!

Note to all cat lovers: Well, bully for you! To each his own and all that crap, IT’S ALL FOR JOKES. I don’t want your f*cking hate mail. Love Ya! Cribsy


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