Happy CEE LO Sunday!

I only play it for the commercials.

Happy “Super Bowl Sunday.” You’ll notice I put quotations around the day, as today is NOT Super Bowl Sunday at Casa de Angry Baby, it’s the tail-end of my birthday weekend.

I’ve had a great birthday filled with well wishes, laughs, gifts, and hi-jinx (more on that later,) and I’m ending my weekend of super egoism and entitlement with Cee Lo!!!

Tonight after a bunch of grown dudes are finished patting each other on the backsides for winning that thing all the Billionaires Playtoys Professional American Football Teams vie for, year after year…NBC’s The Voice returns for another season!!!

Cee lo, Snookiezilla, that douchey dude who sings like a lady, and the boring guy who married Corn-Fed Kristen Chenoweth Miranda Lambert reprise their role as judges, and while I’m still bummed Nakia didn’t win, I’ll be watching.

So, while you’re stuffing your face with corn chips, watching size queens slap each other for a diamond ring, remember not to drink too much of the good stuff (Beer.) You need to have your wits about you to enjoy the wisdom, beauty and raw sexual magnetism that is Cee Lo. He is a gift to our television sets and the sooner you open his present of perfection wrapped up in rhinestones, the better.

Speaking of gifts, here are 3 AWESOME Gifts I got this year for my SPECIAL DAY

3. A Lego Cleopatra, complete with Suicide Snake.

Let me ASP you a question: Who gives a Sh*t about the Superbowl?

2. A 4D Model of a Great White Shark, complete with stand.

It's okay to be jealous.

The Model comes apart to show and demonstrate each part of the shark. One side deadly, the other side educational. My favorite part is the stomach, complete with the partially digested remnants of fish, seagull and seal.

1. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure on Blu-Ray.

Seeing this incredible example of comedy perfection in crisp, high-definition can only be described with one word: Awe Inspiring. I highly recommend you procure a copy from your closest purveyor of fine Blu-Ray discs. Whatever you do, don’t steal it off the internets. Pee Wee deserves every hard-earned cent, only people like Francis Buxton the third are thieves.

The Buxtons ARE thieves!

 And you know what Pee Wee does with thieves.

Swift Justice.

Speaking of robbing someone of their treasured right…

Here’s the talented Nakia here to sing us off while performing a magic trick. What’s the magic trick you ask? He made me actually listen to a KINGS of LEON song! Talented and able to work miracles by making KOL palatable? HE WAS ROBBED!!!!!


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    • Saw them open for the Strokes in 2003, they were aloof and phoned in. I did enjoy Molly’s Chambers back in the day, but never had any further interest after the horrible live performance.

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