So Long, Day Dream Believer

Davy Jones, the object of my first celebrity crush, is dead at 66. For those of you living under a rock, Davy was in the seminal television rock group, the Monkees. Reruns of the old 60’s TV program, The Monkees, … Continue reading

Leaping into the Future

Today is February 29, 2012. It’s Leap Day! Once every 4 years, we get an extra day in February, today is that special moment. As I celebrate the extra day with my usual foolery and fun, I can’t help but … Continue reading

Introducing the McRibster! (Book Your Flights to Austria NOW)

Leave it to the Austrians to find a way to be more efficiently American. They’ve introduced the Austrian answer to our McRib, say hello to the McRibster! The country that gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart, Hitler (whoops!) and Gustav Klimt … Continue reading

Post on Request: Madonna, Breastaurant Consultant

Congrats to reader Sammy, who won our latest round of Caption This! Sammy is a since pre-school friend. He’s a Man’s man who also happens to be hilarious. Anymacho, Sammy sent me the following topics… “Topic- Madonna hang it up or … Continue reading

Make Way For the Tetris Master. Alternate Title: Extreme Talent!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my beautiful babies! Today’s the day of the week we devote to living TUES the EXTREME! Whatever you do today, make sure you find some time to BE EXTREME! In the spirit of this special day of the … Continue reading

Bow Down To Our Caption This Winners

  “Those snuggie people, what will they think of next!?” – Sammy   Runners Up: “Note to self: Wash hands after using Rogaine.” – Uncle Fester “I ran out of bodywash so I used Snuggle Fabric Softener instead….BIG MISTAKE!” – … Continue reading

Eat it, Disney!

For the none of you that care, I’m a bit of a Walt Disney World nut. I’ve been more times than I can count, and fancy myself a true Disney expert. I know it seems bizarre a dock skank like yours truly would … Continue reading

Doin’ it Right: The Denny’s Edition

A Wisconsin man is jockeying to be #1 nitwit in the hearts of all Americans. Meet 52-year-old Jeff Summers (no relation to Double Dare Host, Marc.) Jeff Summers is a criminal mastermind who is guilty of having the greatest scheme in … Continue reading

JK Rowling’s Plastic Ono Band

JK Rowling, the former street urchin turned successful Author is hitting the ho stroll once again returning to the world of writing. She’s just signed to publish her first adult novel through publisher, Little Brown. The ginger Goddess of spinning … Continue reading