Wheel of I Told You So

This post was originally titled: “Wheel of Hate.” It was going to be all about how Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak and Vanna White hate each other culminating in my findings from a special 4 month-long internet quest to find proof that Pat and Vanna wish the … Continue reading

Lazy or Life Changing: You Decide!

Today is either the greatest day of your natural life, or it’s the day when you permanently throw the peace sign at humanity. Youtuber and inventor, Ben Heck has created a piece of technology that is a TRUE MARVEL OF … Continue reading

State of the Union: Kathy Proctor is Doing it Right.

Lover fo’ Life is a politics junkie, his bachelor’s degree is in the subject. Of course it’s useless in his career, but his still enjoys a deep and impressive command of theory and current events. Some men watch sports, L4L … Continue reading

Who Wants to Watch Paint Dry? AKA 2012 Oscar Nominations

Welp, Hollywood announced their nominees for the annual Academy Awards Ceremony this morning. And in typical fashion, it was a real snooze fest. Look, I watch the Oscars, but only because I love to laugh at people who congratulate themselves; the parade … Continue reading

I’m In Love (Alternate Title: Extreme Singing!)

I awoke this morning with a ray of sunshine beaming on me. The source of the bright and miraculous light came from my inbox, with a note from reader Rick that said: “This guy was born to be on grouchymuffin.” I … Continue reading