Extreme Exterior Lighting Alternate Title: WOWZA.

January 26th-29th was the 2012 Licht Festival in Gent, Belgium. The Light Festival is a yearly celebration of artistic lighting installations. Because I’m not cool, I didn’t know it was going down at the time, and I am just now learning about it, my bad. Next year, I’ll make sure to have press passes!

In the meantime, enjoy photos of the jaw-dropping 28 meter tall, Luminarie De Cagna!

Imagine the Rollerdisco we could have here!

Wow, just wow.

You guys see colors too, right???

Disney get working on a replica STAT!

Here’s some hip footage of the festival to watch so you can pretend we were cool enough to be there. Shhh, It’ll be our little secret.

via Colossal


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