Who Wants to be Creeped Out by Demi Moore?!?


There are no words for this video…well other than the words

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.

The following is a 1982 video unearthed by Entertainment Tonight. The footage is of a 19-year-old Demi Moore (who at the time of the video was married to her first husband, Dinty Freddy Moore) Celebrating with her fellow General Hospital star, Philip Tanzini. The Occasion? Phillip’s 15th Birthday.

Demi is visibly WASTED and mugging down with Phillip in what is hands down the creepiest video you’ll see ALL DAY. The saddest part? Entertainment Tonight has had this TREASURE buried for all these years! 30 years it took for the world to FINALLY see Demi Moore for what she is: a wasted, busted, raccoon  Party girl who has a penchant for younger men.

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