I’m In Love (Alternate Title: Extreme Singing!)

I awoke this morning with a ray of sunshine beaming on me. The source of the bright and miraculous light came from my inbox, with a note from reader Rick that said: “This guy was born to be on grouchymuffin.”

I proceeded to watch the most precious and beautiful Church singer this side of Hades. His talent and sheer animal magnetism have entranced me. I need all of you regardless of belief, to let this VISION drop some notes on you.

Warning! Watching this man sing might cause but is not limited to: ear bleeding, hysterical laughter that ends with you choking to death on your bear claw, violent diarrhea, and LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

You know, some jokes are better left to the funny snitches in the YouTube comments section! Fun fact: the YouTube comments are where I laugh hardest 99% of the time, this one being no exception. Here’s what the hysterical queens had to say in the comment section of this video…

“This isn’t what Jesus died for.”- UrbanizdDee

“If this guy will be singing in heaven..I choose to go straight to Hell.”-candykane1

“let go, let God-awful…”- Bootshinersmith

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my darlings! As always, Tuesday is the day where we embrace living in the extreme, no matter how you do it. Today I urge each and every one of you to…

Dance like nobody is laughing at you, Eat like you aren’t morbidly obese, and Sing like a dying baboon!

To our Patron Saint of Tues-the-Extreme Day, Vanilla Ice


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