And We’re Back…

Nice to see you!

I want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who contacted their Congress Members, or signed petitions today. Yes, I know our little blackout was devastating to everyone’s time-wasting capabilities, but your sacrifices were not in vain.

Looks like several key folks have dropped their support for the bill…hop on over to the New York Times to Read all about it!

One of the first senators to rescind support was John Cornyn from TEXAS! It’s pretty obvious what happened here, he didn’t get his morning GROUCHYMUFFIN fix and hit the b*tch-switch when he gots denied. A world without our website was OBVIOUSLY one Mr. Cornyn couldn’t take and smart pepaw got his act straight! Hooray we saved the innerwebs! (Not really.)

But, it’s not over. The bill is going to be voted on 1/24/12 and I urge EVERYONE to continue annoying your congressfolks. They’ll never take us alive!!!! USAUSAUSAUSA!!!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

Couldn't have said it better.

FYI: As a reminder, I’m keeping a protest ribbon/link up so you will continue to pester everyone you can thru the 24th.

We did it babies! We fought to protect the foolery, absurdity and nonsense that we’ve come to know as our beloved internet! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

All of this reminds me of the last time a bunch of unwashed, under appreciated ragamuffins banded together to FIGHT oppression, of course I’m talking about the strike in the musical NEWSIES! Hey, any excuse to use an unlicensed clip from DISNEY, “Seize the Day.”

Fun(!) Fact: Back when show choirs were still wearing cummerbunds in the pre-glee 1990’s, yours truly was a choral enthusiast. My director, whom I’m still friends with today, was a serious musician complete with a doctorate. What I’m getting at is simple: he knew nothing about hip choir song selections. He made us do this very song my junior year and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.

I want you to imagine a young Crib Keeper, in her orange cummerbund and vest, singing out her heart to this song with her closest pals. Sure, everyone in the High School wanted to throw urine “a slushee” on us, but we didn’t care, we were UNITED in embarrassing song choice!

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